Sorry guys!

Hey- Yugi here! I know that I haven't gotten the next part of the story posted up like I said I would... things have just been kinda hectic around here lately!

But I promise that I'll get my character and all set up very soon..!

I may not get to it this week, but it_will_be one of my priorities and defenitely very very high on the list over the weekend!

And everybody be sure to Thank Bree for keeping things going so smoothly while I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off!


so the beginning is up.
so here are some basic rules. because it'll make things run more smoothly.
um... let's see.
-obviously, don't commandeer other people's characters for your own purposes. if you want to post something and say "and so and so does such and such" check with that player first.

-keep your powers in check. everyone has weaknesses.

-there are a few ways to post on the board. the first would be to post and then have people comment on it. second, use AIM and play something out that way. third, use the old format from the email story... but don't make those too long. part of the reason for a message board would be so that the characters interact a little more... and a little better... than last time.

-because of the format of the board, PLEASE get a user pic. it's all that's going to show up for you- your username won't.

-to keep the board a little better organized, we're going to use lj-cuts. they basically create a title hyperlink to the post. so you use the arrows and put this text like so...
lj-cut text="yadda yadaa"
then close it with the other arrow. i didn't because it would have actually created the link. but use that... title your post, pick a quote, something, and put it in the quotations. oh and there's a crash course in lj-cuts in the lj help page.

-above the lj-cut, put a who,when,where, and what. the first post only has where and when intentionally... but yeah.

-tags. tag your posts with who it concerns. like... "bree, oni." or something.

-title your post with the date. we're starting on the 11 ertimas in 426 at.

-right now, posting is disabled in tales. once you've read this, post a comment to let me know. once everyone's read it, we'll start up.

hi i'm bree.

Bree is an elvish healer. Her family is dead (killed by evil warlord). Hired her healing services out to various warlords, etc.... Met Yugi and Kenshin somewhere along the way in one of these battles. Met Oni when he had his lung pierced by a dagger. In addition to being a healer, Bree is an archer and node mage. Bree just... wanders. Here and there. No real home any more. Has the "forbidden" ::cough:: ability of being a Lodestone. Currently with Oni en route to Yugi's.
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my name is kenshin

I am a collector of artifacts of the rarer nature and knowledges of empires lost to us. I am most fascinated by mechanical instruments of scientific and alchemy origin. I have an affinity with raccoons (they like shiny stuff). I am usually found abroad but i frequently return to my home in the Woods of the Puppet King. My current postion is in Stormlords mountains on a plateau near some airship villages.